Tale as Old as Time



enter an angel of the lord

I love how when it comes to Castiel’s nickname, the Supernatural fandom is just like “Fuck Kripke.”

The writers spell it “Cass

Everyone else in the world spells it “Cas

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Can we just take a second to admire his acting range or

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The Whore can only be killed by a true servant of heaven. So not you [Dean], or me, and Sam’s an abomination.

That awkward moment when Castiel is useless because he’s on his knees stuffing his face with cheap fast food.

Castiel does not understand pop culture references.

  • Dean: So You're like a Delorean without Plutonium?
  • Castiel: I don't understand that reference.
The answer is still no, because Sam is my friend.

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That awkward moment when Castiel sits on a whoopie cushion.