Tale as Old as Time


I look forward to The Big Fat Quiz of the Year more than I look forward to the New fucking Year.

The 2012 one was just so damn amazing.

Jack Whitehall and James Corden should just be best bros now.

I like men who are either very stylish or as close to gay as humanly possible without actually liking cock.

Exhibit A) Benedict Cumberbatch - Very Stylish

Exhibit B) Martin Freeman - Very Stylish

Exhibit C) David Walliams - A Close to Gay as Humanly Possible

Exhibit D) Jimmy Carr -Basically Alan Carr without the bumming.

And I really love Jack Whitehall.

I’ve just spend the past two hours watching Jack Whitehall clips on YouTube.

Stand-up, hosting NMTB, on Graham Norton.


Jack Whitehall is really cute.

I like his hair.

He’s not the kind of guy you just wanna jump.


I want to be his best friend.

That would be cool.

I’d like to be Benedict’s best friend as well, but I would fuck him so hard I’l break something internally.